Window Shock Technology by Tyco

Product Offering of 2021

Wireless Window Shock Sensor Technology

Wireless Window Shock Sensor Technology is available, and we have a solution by a team of experts in the industry. 3BM Technical Solutions has teamed up with state of the art technology company to provide a state of the art technology in window breakage.

The world as we know it has forever changed. We used to read about domestic tragedies in other countries. Now they are a reality here in the US. So we must be diligent in taking the necessary measures to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for hotel guests, and employees.  3BM Technical Solutions has the right solution that is viable, affordable and most important, reliable.

3BM Technical Solutions has put a team of experts together to work for you in providing a turnkey solution. As we all know what happen in Las Vegas in October 2017. The safety of innocent people is a greater concern. Time is our greatest asset during an event that requires first responders. If not for a maintenance man being on the floor during the recent tragedy, the shooter could have killed many more innocent people. Without a reliable technology, it could take many precious minutes to locate the compromise. We have a product that can provide your hotel guests, and employees added safety. This Wireless Window Shock technology is being used by not only hotels, but in high concentrations of populated areas, retail, automotive industry, and the need is growing each day.

The process is simple and viable.

We have a wireless product PowerG Window Shock Detectors that are easily installed on a hotel window. The device is light weight, tamper proof, and can respond to a broken glass or massive impact by sending a signal to your onsite, or offsite control center within seconds. The signal being sent will notify hotel operations exact details of an event. The signal will provide you the floor, hotel room number and which window has been compromised. The PowerG product is wireless and IP operational. The PowerG panel can support up to 128 zones (Windows). The panels can be easily installed on a hallway wall, or up in the drop ceiling pathway. The wireless system operates with repeaters and transceivers to you have maximum signal, and enhanced battery life.

The equipment can be installed by your operations staff, as we will train, oversee, and test each installation, or we can install it for you. Our consulting support includes engineering, design, and training. We will also sell you the product, set up the software and configure the server. Because of our relationship with our partner, we are confident in the PowerG product line, and reliability.  This technology has been around for many years, and they have been providing this technology all over the world to minimize domestic terror attempts. Our team of experts in Security, Wireless and Engineering are able to make this project a streamlined and efficient process. Most importantly, you can let your guests, and employees know that you have taken added measures to provide a safe place for them to be. This will provide peace of mind to everyone and added credibility to your company.