AmberBox - Tri-factor Authentication Technology

State of the art indoor gunshot detection ensures maximum protection from an active shooter threat.

AmberBox identifies and tracks precise gunshot locations in 3.6 seconds.

3BM Consulting is an authorize service provider of Active Shooter Technology Sensors.

Amberbox detection percussion - Detects the two distinct audio signatures produced by a gunshot: the muzzle blast and bullet shockwave. AmberBox listens for these signatures, to determine if a gunshot has occurred.

Amberbox detection Infrared - Senses the muzzle flash of a gunshot caused by the combustion of gunpowder mixing with the ambient air.

Amberbox detection Sound - Utilizes patented machine learning analysis to compare sounds detected against thousands of gunshot samples, stored on every detector.

Crucially, by employing this intelligent combination,  AmberBox does not require line of sight to trigger.

Amberbox Detector.  This technology is safe, affordable, and reliable.  Protect innocent people doing business with you.  Why risk someone wanting to cause violence or terror when it can be curbed, and better prepare first responders in the event of a shooting in the work place.

Gun Violence is at an all time high.  Protect your customers and employees 

Immediate Response

AmberBox offers the most advanced sensing system, with a 3.6 second average response time. Police arrive faster ensuring maximum protection from an active shooter threat.